Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Know Everything About Error 805a0193

Nokia Lumia users fail to update their applications from the Marketplace. It shows error 805a0193 during every attempt to update the applications. Update process interrupts followed by the error message. It doesn’t work with the 3G and Wi-Fi connections. This is a widespread issue. In this article we’ll know everything about error 805a0193. Following is the error message which is displayed on the screen-
“There has been a problem completing your request. Try again later.
Error Code 805a0193” Verify All the Settings Some of the settings need to be changed. Change them as shown below: 1. Go to Settings | Mobile Network.

2. Turn on Data Connection.
3. Turn on 3G Connection.
4. Save the settings and exit.
Error 805a0193 may occur as carriers DNS and ISPs are under progress resolving Marketplace IP.  It could be reason that your service provider is blocking marketplace. If its marketplace issue then you would only receive problem on WiFi network. Apply following steps 1)      Populate hostname to worldwide providers (you have to force web core DNS)
2)      Use direct IP address replacing marketplace hostname Resolve Wi-Fi Network Problem If you are on Wi-Fi network facing error 805a0193—it could be incorrect ISP configuration. To solve the error, follow the procedure given below. 1)      First of all use another Wi-Fi network to connect. a. Swipe to left from your Start Screen of device
b. Tap to Settings | Now tap Wi-Fi
c. Enable Wi-Fi networking by tapping it (device would automatically search available networks)
d.  Now use different Wi-Fi network
e.  Enter Password, if asked
f. You are done
2)      GOTO  from your device. This was you can verify whether different  Wi-Fi network worked for you or not.  

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