Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Fix Error 3014

iTunes error 3014 is a network error. It appears when you launch iTunes application. Below is workaround to resolve error 3014.

· Temporarily Disable Firewall Program
· Delete Junk Registry Entries
· Free up Disk Space
· Disable Background Programs

Temporarily Disable Firewall Program

iTunes error 3014 appears if your firewall protection is blocking iTunes from connecting to required network locations. Follow the instructions given below to temporarily disable Windows Firewall.

1. Open Start. Type “Windows Firewall” the in Search Box (without quotes).
2. Right-click on “Windows Firewall” and select “Run as Administrator”.
3. Enter admin password, if prompted.
4. Click on Advanced Security | Properties.
5. Disable the firewall protection.
6. Click OK.

Delete Junk Registry Entries

iTunes saves its settings in the form of ‘Registry Strings’. These combined strings are saved in different Registry Keys/ Paths in the main system Registry database.

You receive error 3014 because iTunes Registry entries have been corrupt. The solution is simple- use a Registry Cleaner application and clean such entries. Simply follow the procedures outlined below:

1. Download and Install RegInOut System Utilities.
2. Click on Registry Repair tab.
3. Click Start Scan | Fix Errors.

Free up Disk Space

Temporary files could be occupying a large amount of your disk space. This results in error 3014. Remove all temporary files and empty the temporary locations to resolve error 3014.

1. Click the Start button on your Taskbar.
2. Type “Disk Cleanup” in the Search box. (Without Quotes)
3. Right click on “Disk Cleanup”, select “Run as Administrator”.
4. In the Disk Cleanup window, select your system drive (usually, drive C:\) and then click OK.
5. Repeat above procedure for all remaining disk drives.

Disable Background Programs

Some unwanted services could be running in background without your knowledge. These unwanted background running services can result in error 3014. Disable those services as shown below:

1. Click Start, type “MSCONFIG” and press ENTER.
2. In System Configuration utility, click the Services tab.
3. Unmark all unwanted services and then click Apply | OK.
4. Restart Windows.

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