Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fix Installous Api Error

Installous api error occurs on iPad, iPod Touch 4G, 3G or iPhone on iOS 4.x to iOS 6 where installous is installed. API error normally occurs when you are trying to download Installous and it cannot fetch required API. The error occurs when there is Appsync compatibility issue.  
Installous API error can be fixed by applying steps which are outlined below.

Resolution Steps

·         Use Proxy Server to Fix Installous API Error
·         Remove AppSync and Installous to fix Installous API Error
·         Change DNS to Fix Installous API Error

Step 1 to Fix Installous API error

Installous API error occurs when iOS device is not able to get connected with Apptracker. To solve this problem you need to establish an active connection with Apptracker. Follow the instructions given below.

1.       Ensure your connectivity with an active Internet connection
2.       After connecting with active Internet connection, GOTO
3.       If you are unable to browse—your service provider has blocked your access
4.       In this situation you can wait for sometime only when you are using dynamic IP
5.       Try connecting through proxy server if you cannot access Apptrackr
6.       Search online to get proxy server. Once you get proxy server—GOTO Settings | Wi-Fi Network
7.       Now Choose your HTTP proxy
8.       Reboot your iOS once Apptracker is backup again

Step 2 to Fix Installous API Error

If using proxy server could not help you fix Installous API error—try removing AppSync and Installous by applying instructions given below.

1.       To uninstall AppSync –Open Cydia
2.       GOTO Manage | Select Properties
3.       Now Open AppSync | Click on Modify | Remove
4.       Confirm
5.       After removing, turn off your device and switch on again
6.       After switching on device, install AppSync
7.       Now try downloading free app from AppStore
8.       Download app from Installous
9.       Error Fixed?

Step 3 to Fix Installous API Error

If uninstalling AppSync and Installous could not fix Installous API error—try changing DNS. Follow the instructions given below to change DNS.

1.       Turn ON your device | Now launch Settings App on your device
2.       Click on Wi-Fi | Select Wi-Fi network
3.       Click on Blue Arrow
4.       Click on DNS | Select Change
5.       Change DNS to

This above method would definitely resolve Installous API error. If you are still unable to resolve this error, ensure that you have performed above three steps carefully.

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