Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Runtime Error 5

Runtime Error 5

Runtime error 5 appears due to problem with installed application(s) or Microsoft Visual C++ library. Follow the steps given in this article to resolve runtime errors.

1.      Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++
2.      Download Visual C++ Components
3.      Run System File Checker
4.      Update Device Drivers
5.      Repair Windows Registry

Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++

If runtime error 5 appears on your system, you need to reinstall Visual C++ component. Before reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ components, you should uninstall it through control panel. Here is procedure to uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ Components.

1.      Click on Start
2.      GO TO control panel
3.      Click on Uninstall a program under Programs
4.      Select Microsoft Visual C++ Components from the list of installed programs
5.      Uninstall
6.      Restart your system

Download Visual C++ Components

Runtime error 5 can be resolved by downloading Visual C++ Redistributable package. Follow the steps given below to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

1.      Close all active programs
2.      Download Microsoft Visual C++ Components  

Run System File Checker

If Runtime error 5 continues to occur after downloading Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package, run System File Checker. System File Checker is built-in utility from Microsoft that allows you to scan and repair system file corruptions. Below are instructions to run System File Checker.

1.      Open Start
2.      Type “cmd” without quotes in Search Box
3.      Right-click on Command to Run as Administrator
4.      Type “sfc /scanNow” without quotes in command line
5.      Restart your system

Update Device Drivers

Sometimes Runtime error 5 occurs due to conflict between an outdated driver and Visual C++ libraries. Resolve this problem by updating device drivers. Follow the steps given below to update device drivers.

1.      Open Start menu
2.      Type “Device Manager” without quotes in Search Box
3.      Right-click on Device Manager to Run as Administrator
4.      Enter correct Administrator’s password if prompted
5.      In the Device Manager’s Windows, check devices that need driver update
6.      Note down the name of each device
7.      Search for latest driver against each device
8.      Download latest driver (make sure you are downloading latest driver from manufacturer’s account)
9.      Restart your system

Repair Windows Registry

Windows Registry is fundamental component of operating system. Corruption in Windows Registry can cause different error such as runtime error 5. To solve this problem, you need to run Registry Scan on your system. Follow the steps given below.

1.      Download and Install some reliable System Utility Software such as RegInOut
2.      Click on Registry Cleaner feature
3.      Select Start Scan | Fix Errors

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