Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Diablo III error 3007

Diablo III error 3007

Are you facing Diablo III error 3007? This is generic disconnection, could be due to various reasons. It depends when you disconnect from game and how game sends data. The best workaround for this error is to join general chat, however, follow the guide given below to resolve 3007 disconnections at ease.

·         Check Minimum System Requirement
·         Join General Chat
·         Bypass Router
·         Set up Secondary Logon
·         Disable Antivirus Program
·         Disable Desktop Composition
·         Reset Connection and DNS Cache

Check Minimum System Requirement

Diablo III error 3007 has nothing to do with system requirement but make sure your system meets minimum requirement for game to prevent Diablo III errors.

·         Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
·         Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium or higher
·         DirectX: 9.0c
·         Random Access Memory: 1.5 GB for Windows 7 and 1 GB for Windows XP
·         Hard Disk: You should have 12 GB of disk space available
·         Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
·         Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 7800 or better  

Join General Chat

Diablo III error 3007 can be fixed by joining general chat because it would keep your connection active. Follow the instructions given below to join general chat channel.

1.    Close all active programs
2.    Login to Game | Click on cogwheel Icon on the left side
3.    Now click on Join Public Chat | Select General
4.    Start playing game

Bypass Router

If you are unable to join General Chat, try bypassing router to fix Diablo III error 3007. Follow the steps given below to bypass router.

1.    Plug cable directly into modem to bypass router
2.    If you are able to connect game after bypassing router, this means your router needs some workaround such as updating firmware
3.    Also try replacing your router device

Set up Secondary Logon

To fix Diablo III error 3007, set secondary logon to automatic. Follow the instructions given below to setup secondary logon.

1.    Close all active programs
2.    Click on Start > Type “services.msc” without quotes
3.         Select Secondary Logon
3.    Locate and double-click Secondary Logon
4.    Select Start type to Automatic

Disable Antivirus Program

Disable III error 3007 can occur due to your security program. It could be reason that your antivirus program is interfering your connection. Follow the steps given below to disable antivirus program.

1.    Right-click on Antivirus Icon
2.    Select Disable antivirus until restart
3.    Start playing game

Disable Desktop Composition

Diablo III error 3007 and other black-screens can be fixed by disabling desktop composition.  Follow the steps given below to disable desktop composition.

1.    Close all active sessions.
2.    Right-click on Diablo III Icon | Select Properties
3.    Click on Compatibility tab
4.    Now check disable desktop composition | OK
5.    Start playing game

Reset connection and DNS cache

Try resetting connection and DNS cache in order to fix Diablo III error 3007. Below are instructions to reset connection and DNS cache.

1.      Turn off router/modem and turn ON in 2 minutes
2.      Click on Start | Type “Command Prompt” in Search Box
3.      Right-click on Command Prompt to Run as Administrator
4.      Type “ipconfig/flushdns” without quotes in Command Prompt
5.      Press Enter
6.      Start playing Diablo III without errors

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