Friday, December 14, 2012

Handy Tips to Repair Error 1303

You can receive error 1303 during installation of Adobe products and Sony Vegas software. Similar error occurs when you are trying to open some PDF file. Below are written some handy tips to repair error 1303.

· Give full security permissions to Program Data Folder.
· Try Removing Invalid Registry References
· Login Through System Administrator
· Disable Antivirus and Firewall Protections

Give full Security Permissions to Program Data Folder:

Program data contains information regarding user settings, user preferences and installed applications. Error 1303 can occur when Program Data folder lacks security permissions. Allowing full access to this folder would fix your problem. Follow the procedure given below to give complete security permission to Program Data Folder.

1. Double-click on My Computer
2. Select Tools | Folder Options
3. Click on View tab
4. Click on Advanced Settings
5. Select Don’t show hidden files | Apply | OK
6. Now open Windows Installation Drive
7. Open Program Data Folder
8. Right-click on Program Data Folder and Select Properties
9. Click on Security | Edit
10. Provide full control from Permission for Authenticated Users
11. Apply | OK

Try Removing Invalid Registry References:

Windows Registry saves information related to installed programs and hardware configurations. Presence of invalid Registry references can cause error 1303. To fix Registry related issues, follow instructions given below.

1. Download and Install RegInOut System Utilities
2. Click on Registry Cleaner Feature
3. Start Scan | Fix errors
4. Restart your machine.

Login through System Administrator:

If you want to perform changes on system, you should login through Admin. Admin has complete control over operating system to make necessary changes when required. If you are logged-in through account that lacks security permissions, you cannot fix error 1303. To login through Admin, follow the steps given below.

1. Click on Start
2. Open Shutdown Pop-up | Click on Switch User
3. Enter correct password.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall:

Antivirus and Firewall can prevent apps to perform certain tasks which often results in error code 1303. You should try disabling Antivirus and Firewall programs to fix the error. Follow the instructions given below to disable Antivirus and Firewall programs.

Disable Antivirus Program:

1. Right-click on Antivirus program | Select Shield Controls
2. Disable until computer is restarted.
3. Procedure to disable antivirus is different in different antivirus programs.

Here is how to disable Windows Firewall:

1. Open Start | Select Control Panel
2. Click on System and Security
3. Select Windows Firewall
4. Click on Turn Windows Firewall ON or OFF.
5. Disable Firewall protection | OK

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