Thursday, March 8, 2012

Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8 preview is one of the biggest innovations of Microsoft. You can experience entirely new interface of this operating system which is both shinny and slippery. Icons and commands in its metro interface are pretty well.
Gestures in Windows 8 Preview
In Windows 8 preview, menus are placed as Charms by Microsoft and you can navigate around Settings, Search, Start screen and among devices easily. For instance when you touch the Settings Windows 8 would show you app’s settings. Even when you run multiple apps in the background, focus is on single app at a time. Windows 8 runs on ARM architectures which is sign of intense desire of company to grab tablets market. Charms are presented with additional settings.
There is another unlock feature which helps you unlocking your device. Holding your finger on items you can navigate between applications. You can also experience Semantic zoom in this preview which is not working in developer preview. Semantic zoom enables you to navigate across icons easily. On startup screen metro view asks for adjustments and personalization. This way you can easily arrange things according to your own choice. You can rearrange the groups or move whole group into another group.
Connectivity in Windows 8 Preview
Connecting to social networks is simple to do in Windows 8 preview. You can share your photos, music, movies and everything else efficiently.
Apps is exciting feature in Windows 8. You can download as much as apps from app store. In this release, Internet Explorer has been totally redesigned. The full screen version of Internet Explorer is responsive. Internet Explorer 10 simply is great way to connect internet but there is problem with plug-ins in the browser. Other apps include
  • · Xbox Games
  • · Video
  • · Messaging
  • · Remote Desktop
  • · Finance
Microsoft always talks about cloud, skydrive is an example with vital improvements. You can send large files  using skydrive. If you have Skydrive account, it would work really well for you.
Windows 8 on Fire
Just after Microsoft opened Windows 8 for download, more than one 1 million users downloaded this operating system. iPad is currently dominating tablet market but it looks like Microsoft Windows 8 soon would change the game.

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