Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WOW Error 134 Fix

WOW error 134 appears on Windows system due to various potential risks and damages. Such errors are most likely to take place due to corruption in game application file stored in the system and when settings of the computer are damaged. Furthermore corrupted settings and incompatible drivers can cause this error on your system.

WOW error 134 can easily be resolved by fixing corrupted WOW files, preventing your system from being able to run improperly, updating device drivers and making necessary changes in setting of your system. Below is given procedure.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Game:

In some cases your installation is corrupted or it may be reason that game related files are conflicting with other applications resulting in WOW error 134. To solve this problem, you should uninstall and re-install the game. To uninstall and reinstall the game, follow the steps given below.

1.      Click on Start button | Select Control Panel
2.      Double Click on Add or Remove Programs | Select World Of Warcraft
3.      Uninstall it | Restart your system
4.      Start installing game again through CD/DVD ROM
5.      It would refresh all the settings and you would be able to play the game without errors.

Update Audio and Graphics Drivers:

Device drivers such as audio and graphics drivers are used to help your system run all the software that is requires. It’s vital for you to update device drivers in order to run World Of Warcraft without errors. To update device drivers, follow the steps given below.


Update Device Drivers Easy Way to Fix WOW Error 134

1.      Right  Click on My Computer | Select Properties
2.      Click on Hardware | Select Device Manager
3.      Right Click on Device Manager and Update required drivers.
4.      It would help fixing WOW error 134.

Run an Antivirus Scan:

Error 134 points towards infection in your system which can only be removed by using some reliable antivirus program. If you don’t have some security program, install it. Follow the procedure given below.

1.      Download and Install some reliable antivirus program
2.      Scan your system for virus infections | Remove those viruses

Try Re-patching the Game:

If WOW error 134 continues to occur after performing above steps, you should try re-patching the game. Below is given procedure.

1.      Close all active programs including the game
2.      Open Data Folder | Remove patch.mpq
3.      Run the repair
4.      Login to game to start patching back to 3.0.3

Disable Background Programs:

Temporarily disable the programs which are continuously scanning at the background such as your antivirus. It would help fixing 134 number error on your system.

Repair Registry:

Registry is small yet vital database which stores settings related to games and other installed programs. Problem in registry can cause different problems such as problem with games. Game players often choose reliable registry fixing tool which uses sophisticated algorithms to repair registry errors and corruption in DLL and EXE files. Repair your Windows registry with some effective tool such as PCFresher (pcfresher.com)