Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Steam Error 503

Steam error 503 service unavailable appears after you try to run a game on Windows operating system. Error 503 is HTTP status code which represents hosted server is not available at moment. This error occurs due to various reasons such as the server on which site is parked can be too much busy to process your request or simply lack of maintenance activity on your server.

In this article you would learn how to fix Steam Error 503. Below are outlined resolution steps.

Optimize your browser:
Steam error 503 can be due to malfunctioning toolbars. Uninstall these toolbars through control panel to fix this issue.
  • 1. Click on Start | Control Panel
  • 2. Select the toolbar | Remove
  • 3. Close Control Panel Window
Check Internet Issues:
As error 503 is server side error, it can also occur due to problem in your system. Follow the steps given below to resolve error 503 on your system.
  • 1. Close web browser and Restart it
  • 2. Retry URL and keep refreshing page by pressing F5.
  • 3. Restart your modem device.
  • 4. Try changing IP and DNS addresses
  • 5. Finally contact your webmaster.
Properly Configure Steam Installation:
When hosting server is unable to resolve HTTP request, it means it is refusing the socket connection which later results in different errors.

Steam error 503 can due to improper configuring of steam installation. To solve this problem, follow the steps given below.
  • 1. Try uploading all files in upload directory.
  • 2. Inside your Admin Control Panel , Import the product’s xml file as AddOn
  • 3. No go to Settings | Steam Connect Settings
  • 4. Make the necessary changes here.
Enable Full Permission on Steam Folder:
Steam error 503 can be due to lack of permission on Steam Folder. Fix this problem by following instructions given below.
  • 1. Open Steam Installation Directory (C:/Programs/Steam)
  • 2. After locating Steam Folder Right click on it.
  • 3. Ensure “Read Only Folder” is not enabled.
Uninstall and Reinstall VC++ Redistributable Package:
Reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable package won’t fix steam error 503 but it would help you running steam without errors. Uninstall Visual C++ Redistributable Package through control panel and reinstall it.
  • 1. Click on Start | Select Control Panel
  • 2. Select MS Visual C++ redistributable | Uninstall
  • 3. Restart your system | Download latest version through Microsoft Download Center.
Reinstall DirectX on your system:
Steam error 503 can be due to problem with your DirectX files. Apply the steps given below to reinstall DirectX on your system.
  • 1. Download DirectX latest version on your system.
  • 2. Double click on installed file for installation and restart your system.
Turn On Windows Updates:
You should turn on Windows updates to automatically receive update notifications. Some components of your operating system may be outdated. Turn on Windows updates by applying following steps.
  • 1. Click on Start | Control Panel
  • 2. Choose System | Automatic Updates tab
  • 3. Performance and maintenance | System | Automatic Updates
  • 4. Turn ON

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