Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tips to Fix GTA 4 Lag

GTA 4 lag is common problem faced by many players. There are various reasons behind game lag, however, in this article you would learn simple tips to fix game lagging.
1. Ensure minimum system requirements
2. Update Device Drivers
3. Disable V-Sync (Vertical Sync) Feature
4. Download Updates & Patches for game
5. Defrag Windows Registry

Ensure minimum System Requirements
GTA 4 lags can be due to fact that you don’t have necessary hardware or software required for running the game. Ensure minimum system requirements to play GTA 4 without lags.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or equivalent AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz
· Memory/RAM: 1GB for XP and 1.5GB for Vista
· Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA 7900 or 256MB ATI X1900
· Hard Disk Space: 16GB free
· Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP1
· Graphics Card: 256 NVIDIA 7900 or 256 MB ATI X19000

Update Device Drivers
Outdated device drivers can cause GTA 4 lag, in some cases poor performance of game is due to graphics card.
1. Download some good driver updating program (Download here).
2. Check for driver updates and install required updated drivers.
Disable V-Sync (Vertical Sync) Feature
Vertical Sync feature prevents drawing the next frame until current frame is given to the monitor. Disable V-sync feature to improve frame rate.
1. Close the game.
2. Open My Computer | C:\ | Program Files | GTA 4.
3. Right click LaunchGTAIV.exe | Send to | Desktop (Create Shortcut).
4. Close the window and go to desktop.
5. Right click the newly made shortcut | Properties.
6. Under Shortcut tab, type the following path in the Target box: RockStar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe.-novblank
7. Apply | OK.
Download Updates & Patches for the Game
To fix programming bugs and improving overall performance of game, company releases new patches and updates. Downloading updates and patches should help fixing GTA 4 lags. You can download GTA 4 patches and updates from
Defrag Windows Registry
GTA 4 saves entries in registry database. Game lagging such as GTA 4 lags can be due to fragmentation in registry part of operating system. To defrag Windows registry, follow the steps given below.
1. 1. Download and Install some good registry cleaner such as Reginout.2. Start full scan3. Fix registry errors.

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