Friday, December 2, 2011

L. A. Noire Crash

L. A. Noire is a crime video game where the player has to investigate the crime scenes, search for possible clues, follow up leads and interrogate the suspects. It is currently very popular among the youngsters and has received critical acclaim after it’s released.

The only problem is that the gamers complaint L. A. Noire crash to the desktop unexpectedly. It sometimes shows an error when it crashes. In this article, we will investigate the true reasons behind this crash and I’ll demonstrate you the various simple techniques used to fix the crashes.

· Make sure that the CPU is Not Overheating

· Repair Game Settings

· Disable Antivirus Protection

· Turn Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Off

· Update Installed Drivers

Make sure that the CPU is Not Overheating

L. A. Noire crash occurs when the CPU is heating a lot. Turn the computer off, remove the dust from both processor fan and the fan connected to the cabinet. After doing this, you’ll no longer experience the crashes.

Repair Game Settings

Usually, the game settings are stored in the Registry, making it possible to retrieve and update them easily and quickly.

The L. A. Noire crash problem starts happening due to improperly set game settings in the concerning registry entries. The first step you’re supposed to do is to scan the registry for possible errors. After couple of errors are found, you’ll confirm and continue to repair them immediately. Of course, a Registry Cleaner is required.

Disable Antivirus Protection

Is there an antivirus program running when you start the game? There is a possibility that it is preventing the game from running, and that’s why, you experience L. A. Noire crash.

The steps to disable an antivirus program vary depending on the program that you use. Usually, the antivirus program icon is located in the System Tray, the place on your Taskbar where you see the Date-Time information. Right click that icon, select Disable option and confirm the change. In this way, you’ll no longer experience the game crashes till the antivirus program is disabled.

Turn Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Off

The Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a technology introduced in Microsoft Windows. It sometimes makes problems with some of the EXE files running on your computer.

In your cases, L. A. Noire crash is experienced may be because DEP is not allowing it to run properly. Hence, you’ll have to exclude the EXE file from the Data Execution Prevention to stop the crashes.

1. Exit the game before you continue.

2. Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties.

3. In the new dialog, click Advanced System Settings link, given on the left hand side.

4. Again, a new dialog will appear.

5. Under Advanced tab, in Performance frame, select Settings.

6. Click the third tab which is Data Execution Prevention.

7. Select the second option, i.e. Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.

8. Click Add, locate L. A. Noire launcher file and click Open.

9. After the file is successfully added to the exception list, click OK | OK to confirm the changes you have made to your computer.

10. That’s all; you’ll no longer experience L. A. Noire crashing issue. It will run smoothly as it should be.

Update Installed Drivers

The issues with installed Device Drivers sometimes result in L. A. Noire crash. Find out the versions of device drivers that are currently installed on your computer and check whether they are updated or not.

If they aren’t updated yet, then it’s time to start a driver update scan and download-install the latest versions in order to fix your problem.

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