Monday, December 19, 2011

Fix Windows Error 1310

The error 1310 can occur while installing Microsoft Office, iTunes and Adobe products on your computer. It gives a message with itself that could not write to a specific file.

The things required to fix Windows error 1310 are given below:

1. Rename the Config.msi Folder

2. Change the Security Permissions of the Parent Folder

3. Corrupt Setup Data

4. Resolve the Problems with Windows Installer

5. Delete the Files Stored in Temporary Directories

Rename the Config.msi Folder

Due to the absence of read/ write permissions to a folder called Config.msi folder, setup programs show you error 1310. To fix Windows error 1310, rename that folder with another name as shown below:

1. Exit the setup program.

2. Open My Computer.

3. Press Alt key, select Tools | Folder Options.

4. Click View tab.

5. In the Hidden Files and Folders, select Show hidden files, folders and drives option.

6. Click Apply | OK.

7. Double click your system drive, usually drive C.

8. Select a file called Config.msi and press F2 key of your keyboard.

9. Type Backup_Config.msi, and press ENTER.

Change the Security Permissions of the Parent Folder

By Parent Folder, I meant the folder that you selected to install the concerning product. There can be some problems with the file and folder security permissions, that is why; you are receiving error 1310.

An effective way to fix Windows error 1310 is change the security permission of that folder, and grant access, read/ write permissions to it. Here’s how:

1. Open My Computer, browse C:\Program Files.

2. Right click the parent folder which you selected to install the product. Select Properties.

3. In the new dialog that appears, click Security tab, grant necessary permissions, and then click OK.

Corrupt Setup Data

The system information and installation details stored by your setup program can be missing from the registry. In order to fix Windows error 1310, it is essential to know the problems in your registry, and fix them accordingly.

Get a registry cleaner and scan your registry. If it shows any registry problems, then clean them to make the registry junk-free.

Resolve the Problems with Windows Installer

Windows Installer must be in good state to avoid software installation related problems. Error 1310 appears when the Windows Installer program files registration entries are corrupted. In such case, unregister and reregister the tool to fix Windows error 1310.

1. Click Start button, point to All Programs | Accessories.

2. Right click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.

3. Type msiexec /unreg command, and press ENTER.

4. Type msiexec /regserver comman, and press ENTER.

5. Close the Command Prompt.

Delete the Files Stored in Temporary Directories

The temporary directories of your computer may not be empty. A temporary directory may be containing some files which are corrupted, thereby making problems while extracting the setup contents, or something similar to this.

The solution to fix Windows error 1310 is to delete the files stored in such temporary directories. For maximum performance, use a System Cleaner application; otherwise, use Disk CleanUp in Windows operating system:

1. Open My Computer.

2. Right click the drive that you selected for the installation. Select Properties.

3. Click the Tools tab in the new dialog, and click Disk Clean-Up button.

4. Follow the on screen instructions.

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