Monday, December 26, 2011

Fix Error 1079

On a computer running Windows 7, Vista or XP, error 1079 may appear while starting a service. Following description may appear with the error:

Error 1079: “The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.”

This article discusses the root causes behind this error and the various methods used to resolve it in a secure and quick manner.


Run Dependent Services under Local Service Account
Change ObjectName in the Registry
Remove Temporary Files
Turn your Antivirus Off 
Update Drivers

Run Dependent Services under Local Service Account

In order to fix error 1079, run concerning service and its dependent services under local service account. Here’s how:

Click Start, type Services.msc in the Search box. Alternatively, press Windows Key + R. Type the same string and press ENTER.

Right click Windows Firewall service and select Properties.
In the new dialog, click Log On tab.
Select This account option. Type NT Authority\LocalService in the provided text box.
Leave password fields blank. If they are already filled, then clear them.
Click Apply | OK.
Repeat the Steps 2 to 6 for both error showing service and Base Filtering Engine service.

Change ObjectName in the Registry

Windows Registry is a database which is very complex by nature. It contains various settings, application data and hardware specifications.

The major reason behind error 1079 is corruption in the registry. Make the following registry changes, start a full registry scan and clean errors found in it.
Click Start, select Run.
Type RegEdit and press ENTER.
Browse the following registry path:
Double click ObjectName and type NT Authority\Local Service. Press OK.
Close Registry Editor.
Download Error 1079 Registry Fix and run it. Start a full scan and delete errors found in your registry.

Remove Temporary Files

Clean the system junk and unnecessary files stored on your computer. Additionally, consider deleting the browser history, cache and relevant information.

Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | System Tools.
Select Disk CleanUp.
Select Windows installation drive (usually, drive C) and click OK.
Follow the on screen instructions.

Turn your Antivirus Off

To get rid of error 1079, temporarily turn off your antivirus program. There is a possibility that your antivirus program is preventing you from starting concerning service.

Update Drivers

Be sure to update all your device drivers in order to resolve error 1079. Download a Driver Updater and start an update check-up. If new versions of installed drivers are found, then download & install them instantly.

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