Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skyrim Freezes

Skyrim is among the most popular games played online. Some technical drawbacks in it cause it to start freezing. With the help of this article, we will learn why Skyrim freezes and how to fix this problem using less time consuming tricks.

· Reset Process Priority
· Optimize Background Services
· Update Graphics and Sound Drivers
· Keep 6 GB Hard Disk Space Free
· Update DirectX

Reset Process Priority

As default, the priority given to Skyrim process is normal. If you are experiencing constant freezes and lags, then you need to reset this priority and set it to High in order to fix Skyrim freezes.

1. Minimize the game to your Taskbar. To do so, press Alt + Tab.
2. Launch Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Select Start Task Manager option.
3. In the Windows Task Manager dialog, click Processes tab.
4. Right click Skyrim.exe, and select Set Priority | High.
5. Close Task Manager and resume your playback.

Optimize Background Services

While playing Skyrim, a number of services run in the background and make freezing issue. Optimize them and make a new services profile with minimum number of services to fix your problem.

1. Click Services Manager tab.
2. Click Optimize Services, select a new optimized profile and then click Optimize button.
3. Re-start the game to fix Skyrim freezes.

Update Graphics and Sound Drivers

For experiencing maximum gaming performance without freezes, your graphics card and sound card drivers must be up-to-date. To fix Skyrim freezes, update them by downloading manually from the appropriate website or otherwise using a driver updating program.

1. Download and install Driver Scanner.
2. Double click the desktop icon and open it.
3. Click Start Scan under Overview tab.
4. The scan process may start and take little time depending on your system specifications.
5. Mark all the driver boxes checked and click Update Drivers button to automatically download and install them.

Keep 6 GB Hard Disk Space Free

The actual free hard disk space affects performance of a game. Skyrim freezes if your hard disk doesn’t have adequate amount of free space, i.e. you are facing Low Disk Space problem.

1. Ensure that 6 GB of hard disk space is free. If it is not, then clean it now using Disk CleanUp:
2. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.
3. Select the drive where the game is installed. Click OK.
4. Wait. The analyze process may take some time depending on the size of your hard disk.
5. After Disk CleanUp application opens, mark all the boxes checked and click Delete button.

Update DirectX

Skyrim freezes are experienced if an older version of Microsoft DirectX is installed on your machine. Update it on a regular basis to avoid this problem.

1. Visit Microsoft DirectX Download Page on Microsoft Download Centre.
2. Select your language and click Download button.
3. The file dxwebsetup.exe will start downloading. Wait.
4. After the download is successfully finished, double click this file and follow the simple wizard to install DirectX on your computer.

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