Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Fix and Stop 0x00000124 Error?

The STOP Screen, also known as Blue Screen of Death, may show error 0x00000124 while using the hot plugging feature to add/ remove a PCI Express Device. It’s a critical error which may stay till you press the emergency reboot button on your CPU.
Let us discuss in details how you can fix STOP 0x00000124 error।
1. Uninstall a Malfunctioning Device Driver
2. Scan Corrupted Registry
3. Change BIOS Settings
4. Control CPU Temperature
5. Restore your Computer
Uninstall a Malfunctioning Device Driver
A device driver installed on your computer may be not functioning properly. Uninstall such device driver using a tool called Device Manager.
1. Click Start, and then click on the bottom side Search box.
2. Type Device Manager and then press ENTER key.
3. Device Manager will open. It will list a number of devices.
4. If you found any device with exclamation mark before its name starts, right click it and then select Uninstall option.
5. Reboot the computer when you are done.
Scan Corrupted Registry
In many cases, registry problems are the reason behind BSOD 0x00000124. To fix STOP 0x00000124 error, scan your registry using a professional Registry Cleaner software and fix any problems that are found.
Change BIOS Settings
BIOS stand for Basic Input Output System. It can be possible that the BIOS settings are improperly changed, thus showing STOP 0x00000124 error.
Change the BIOS settings as shown below:
1. Restart your computer.
2. Press F2 or Delete key.
3. In the Exit menu, select Set Default Settings or a similar option. Press ENTER to confirm.
4. Your computer will restart.
5. Repeat the above Step 2.
6. Select Advanced Chipset Features tab.
7. Go to CPU Configuration.
8. For C1E Enhanced Halt State, choose the Disable option.
9. Press F10 to save the changes you have made.
Control CPU Temperature
Your CPU may be overheating and showing this screen. In order to fix STOP 0x00000124 error, control the temperature of your CPU. Make sure to turn on the air conditioner in your room when your computer is started. Laptop users should buy a laptop cooling pad.
Restore your System
System Restore will help you fix STOP 0x00000124 error by restoring your computer to an earlier state. Do these steps:
1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.
2. Click the Next button.
3. Select a system restore point and click Restore my computer button।

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