Monday, September 12, 2011

Fix Error 2203--Steps to Fix Error 2203 (Windows 7, Vista & XP)

Error 2203 normally appears during the installation of Microsoft Office 2010. It may also occur in Windows 7, Vista and XP due to several other reasons as well. Error format is given below:

“Error 2203. An internal error has occurred. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance.”

Error 2203 Repair Tool

Follow the tips and tricks below to get rid of error 2203:

Grant Full Access to Temp Folder

Error 2203 may appear if you don’t have full control to temp folder. To complete the installation procedure you must have complete access to this folder. To grant the access follow the steps below:

Click Start

Type services.msc and press Enter

Locate and right click on Windows Installer

Click on Stop to stop the service

Again right click on Windows Installer and click on Start

Exit the Services

After performing above steps follow this:

Click on Start/Run

Type the command %temp% and press Enter

Right click on Empty area and select Properties

Click on Security tab

Now click on Edit

Click on Add button

Type Everyone in the object names boxes and click on Check Names

Click OK

Now select everyone and check all the boxes under allow menu

Click OK

Now try installing the MS Office 2010

Fix Registry Errors

Error in Windows registry may prevent you from installing MS Office 2010 and you’ll see an error 2203. You can use a Registry Cleaner program to fix errors in registry.

Re-Install Windows Installer

If Windows Installer is corrupt or you deleted the file associated with it, this may result in error 2203 in Windows 7 and window 7 slowing down errors, Vista and XP during the installation of program. To fix this error you need to download the latest version of Windows Installer from Microsoft Media Center and install it.

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