Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Computer Reboots Randomly--Learn How to Fix Computer Rebooting Problem?

Computer reboots randomly either on start or in the middle of doing something. This is most commonly reported issue by Microsoft Windows users. Before trying to fix the problem, you need to identify root cause behind the problem. Computer reboots randomly when there is: virus infection, corrupted operating system, defective RAM, hardware failure or if there is problem in hard disk of your system.

In this article steps are outlined to fix the computer rebooting problem.

Restore your system to original state:

Use SFC (System File Checker) to automatically find and replace corrupted system files with original files. Here are steps to do that:

1. Insert the Microsoft Windows Operating System installation disk in CD-ROM.

2. Click on Start button and go to Run.

3. Type “sfc/ scaNow” without quotes and press Enter.

4. Follow simple on screen instructions.

In most cases restoring system files to original sate found helpful to rectify computer rebooting problem.

Fix Registry:

Another major source of computer rebooting could be registry database of your computer. This database is often accumulated with junk entries. Registry database is complex and to deal with it manually is not so easy that’s why mostly people use third party registry cleaner and Internet Optimizer.

Scan system for viruses:

Computer rebooting problem can also happen on your computer when it is infected with some hidden virus. To solve this problem
computer randomly restarts” you need to scan your system for viruses. If you have weak antivirus installed then quickly uninstall it download a reliable antivirus on your computer. To uninstall antivirus from your computer, follow these steps:

1. Click on Start button on the taskbar.

2. Go to Control Panel and double click on Add or Remove Programs.

3. Select your antivirus and remove it.

4. Follow on screen instructions.

5. Restart your computer and download reliable antivirus from some safe internet location.

Fix RAM Issue:

RAM refers to Random Access Memory. Sometimes installed system’s RAM is not compatible with the application and it may cause your system to reboot randomly. In this situation adding more RAM is helpful.

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